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  • MaterialBRASS
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
  • Standards/CertificateState Registration_Brass Fitting-1, Gost-R_Brass Fitting, State Registration_Brass Fitting-2
  • PatentsRussia


  • South Korea South Korea
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Aikang Remetech PB Plumbing System is non-toxic, odorless, and highly durable material that is recognized worldwide. It is lighter and more flexible than other plumbing system, In addition, it can be carried and installed in a narrow space. Because of its high elasticity, Aikang Remetech PB Plumbing System protects against freezing and resistance to heat.


* Fittings’ Internal Components

The following three precision-made components are contained in each AikangRemetech fitting:

- Retaining Cap, O-Ring, Spacer Washer, Grab Ring

Each performs a specific function to create a joint.

1) Retaining Cap

The Retaining Cap is a high graded nylon. It's totally safe and highly reliable. The cap is factory fitted part to obtain the right torque and requires no further tightening. If cap becomes loose, it can be easily tighten by use of hand and no tools are required.

2) O-Ring

The O-Ring is made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), an elastomer which withstands high water temperatures. And it is positioned to avoid contact with any area of pipe which may have been scored by the grab ring. It is pre-lubricated for smooth and easy insertion of the pipe.

3) Spacer Washer

The Spacer Washer is made of mineral filled polyamide. Separates the O Ring seal from the grab ring and is designed to reduce insertion force.

4) Grab Ring

The grab ring is made of high grade stainless steel 316L. It has angled teeth to provide a one-way grip onto the pipe on its insertion into a fitting. This prevents extraction of the pipe from the fitting, even under forces far exceeding those that would ever be found in normal practice. The grab ring not only grip polybutene but equally holds copper pipe because of the superior hardness of the stainless steel.

5) Support Sleeve

Also needed complete the joint is the plastic (Noryl) or stainless steel (304) support sleeve, and must be inserted into the end of the AikangRemetech PB Pipe, which is in turn inserted into a AikangRemetech fitting. The support sleeve ensures that the pipe retains a circular section and provides a firm leading edge to the pipe for easier insertion. 



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